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Flower Power: Making Fine Art Portraits with Pit Bulls | Sophie Gamand

Image credit:  Sophie Gamand

Image credit: Sophie Gamand

Pit Bulls get a pretty bad press and probably have one of the worst reputations across the range of dog breeds. Whatever your feelings about that, US photographer Sophie Gamand, who specialises in dog photography, has produced a range of images that present pit bulls in a new, and very beautiful light.

Sophie photographed around 150 dogs for this project, all of whom were in dog shelters across the USA. The dogs have been beautifully photographed using traditional posing and lighting techniques used in classical human portraiture. Sophie says that the flowers represent "the ephemeral quality of life, reminding us that these creatures are fragile and precious".

Have a look at this album of Sophie's pit bull portraits - all image credits: Sophie Gamand.

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