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Product Showcase | English Photoworks Wiltshire Family Photography

Click to see a quick video of Natalie & Simon's product showcase.

Studio Portrait Photography with us in Wiltshire

We're super-excited to send out these beautiful photographs to Natalie & Simon - they came to see us recently to have maternity and couple's photographs at our photography studio in Corsham. They ordered our St Catherine's Collection and a beautiful mahogany-framed print. All of our products are hand-made in England: each component, from the papers, card mattes, frames, even the glass has been carefully sourced and manufactured by craftsmen around the country. Our photographs are presented in a gorgeous folio box: you can decide to put them in frames and 'rotate' your favourite images, or keep your boxed photographs as a stunning family heirloom. Perhaps most importantly, photographs presented in this format will never become obsolete.

When you purchase a Collection from us, even your digital files are artfully presented - on a lovely, custom USB drive. For your peace of mind, in case of loss, we guarantee to archive and look after your digital files for at least a year after your purchase.

We're not afraid to admit to being completely highbrow when it comes to the products that come out under our name: we take pride in knowing that our clients leave with something that exudes absolute luxury and craftsmanship.

Maternity photography is a lovely way to preserve a time in your lives that lasts only a short while - in order to get the gorgeous 'blooming' images, we take the photographs when the mum-to-be is at 36-37 weeks' pregnancy. At that point the baby bump looks suitably impressive and grandiose, and the lady is still feeling OK about moving around! Producing the photographs in our studio setting means that we don't have to rely on the English weather, and we have lovely, comfortable surroundings to go at your own speed.

David Shoukry