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Contemporary gay couples photography at our Bath studio

Photographing gay couples...

...is an an area we're developing in 2017 and we're delighted to have five more same-sex couples coming to our studio in January & February this year. It was great fun to photograph Matt & Tai a short time ago - they certainly knew how to bring some drama to the shoot and were incredible models. The images were so successful because of the connection the guys had not only to each other but also to the camera. They were complete naturals, and we think this is reflected in some truly beautiful imagery.

Photographing gay couples is no different from photographing male-female couples, of course, but it's an area of the business we'd like to get into much more, if only because there seems to be comparatively little of it about. With all couples photography, the aim is to capture the essence of their relationship and their connection. If they're connected to each other and also to the viewer, you've hit the jackpot!

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