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Photography workshop in Bath: portraits using flash

Workshop in Bath: studio portraits using flash

We recently ran a really successful workshop for photographers looking to improve their portrait photography using flash and studio strobes. It was a one-day course looking at all areas of controlling flash, combining flash with natural light, and an introduction to using studio strobes to take dramatic portraits. Have a look at some of the images we produced below, and find out more about our courses over at www.bathphotographycourses.co.uk.

The courses are great fun, and we're running events for photographers of all levels and experience. Loads of people find themselves in possession of a lovely camera but don't really know what to do with it beyond switching it on and pressing the shutter button in 'Auto'! If you're one of those people, we have a workshop to get you off the blocks and out of 'Auto' mode. If you're looking to take better portraits and already have a bit of experience with your photography, our natural light and flash workshops will get you to the next level. The course include a delicious lunch, all the refreshments you can drink, free wifi and great materials to take home with you so you don't forget what you have learned!