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The 5 People Every Creative Person Needs To Know

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Who should creative people know and work with?

Creativity and loneliness are often slightly sad bedfellows - not for everyone, but definitely for some. Many creative people spend a large proportion of their time working alone - certainly from my own perspective, the vast majority of my time as a photographer is not spent shooting models at out studio in Corsham. It's spent editing photographs, marketing our business, chasing up print orders, web maintenance, social media management (surprisingly time consuming). All of these latter tasks can be enjoyable, but they are jobs which are mostly carried out alone. Meeting and spending time with other people is a lovely part of everyone's lives, and it's good to enrich the experience of others: this article from the people at Musicbed talks about the kind of people it's nice to have as part of our lives, as creatives.

Many creative people have a good following among their friends and family members - this is lovely, of course, but it can be much more useful to get feedback from people who don't really care about what you do (or at least don't have a special interest in it). They will give you an honest and dispassionate review as a 'man in the street' and can sometimes tell you if something's working or not.

Collaborating is in the same ballpark - creatives do so much by themselves that being with others and sometimes collaborating with them is just the thing.

Anyway, check out the complete article and hopefully you'll get some inspiration :-)