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Ballet photography in Bath | Bath Portrait Photographer

Beautiful ballet photography at our Wiltshire country studio.

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Tara, a stunningly talented young ballerina from the Royal Ballet School in London. She came to us for portraits and dance photography, and we photographed her at our new studio in Corsham. Tara spent three hours with us: the first part of the shoot was a dizzying array of performance photography where Tara was captured 'mid flight'. We then worked on a series of beautiful, low-key portraits in our signature fine art style.

The main focus of the shoot was conveying a sense of movement: striking a balance between the dynamism of dance and the static art of photography. A key issue for successful images was anticipating when Tara was going to move, making sure that the shots were taken at just the right moment! Light is the mainstay of all good photography and so we used a huge 'octabox' light to capture everything perfectly. The octabox mimics the light coming in from a large window and looks very natural. Tara, like all accomplished dancers, has a very close eye for detail, and we worked carefully through the movements making sure that everything was technically outstanding.

Tara was fabulous to work with: her creative input meant that the shoot flowed very smoothly and we had a great range of images showing off her incredible talent.