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Adobe Behance Display - an appreciation


This is not a software round-up!

If you work in any kind of visual medium (or even if you just like looking at and curating images) there exists the perennial problem of finding a good way to show people your stuff. As a photographer I don't always (ever) carry a physical portfolio of prints. I have a lovely website showcasing my work, but if someone asks me about the kind of work I do I don't want to send them away with a web address (or even a business card). I want to be able to say 'just a second - here, this is the kind of studio work I do'. With Behance Display that's exactly what I can do - pull out an iPhone, iPad or Android device and show people what I do. It's immediate and effective and a talking point.

Behance is Adobe's platform for sharing and finding creative work online - it allows users to create a profile, then add visual projects to it. You end up with a number of galleries of work presented minimally and beautifully. The platform doesn't get in the way. There's basic commenting and sharing, and people can 'appreciate' your project if they like it.

What makes Behance Display so good?

The app syncs with your online projects on Behance - you can make these appear in any order on your device. All that the app does is to present these projects on your device. That's it. You just open up the app, and your projects are minimally and elegantly displayed with a thumbnail. You can click a thumbnail and browse the images inside whether as a list, or in full screen with swiping. Again, that's all it does: one thing, beautifully.

Your device doesn't have to be online - after an initial sync, your images will be stored on the device. The app does, however, require you to log in periodically, especially if you haven't opened it up for a while. If you anticipate a situation where you might need to use it, just log in beforehand, then you won't feel too much of a dork having to remember your password when you want to be showing off your work!

Behance Display is great for photographers, artists, designers, fashion people and anyone else with a portfolio of visual work. It's great.

Also, it's free - check it out here.