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2016 - thank you from us!

2016 has been an amazing year for us!

We have been super-busy all year doing a wide and interesting range of work. We've worked with some incredible clients, both in the professional and consumer spheres and expanded the style of work we're offering to cater to everyone.

The work has been for singers, actors, bands, arts professionals, brides, couples, families, models, sisters, brothers, and the list goes on. We even shot a little boy and his guinea pig.

Our new studio

Easily the most important development for us in 2016 has been the construction of our new studio. We didn't think it was going to happen before 2017 but the building company we used brought the project forward three months and so we're ready to start the New Year with an incredible new work space. We have a beautiful new light array - four Elinchrom BRX-250 strobes and an enormous new octabox that replicates the light from a large window. The light it produces is just incredible. The studio contains some beautiful new (old) furniture for characterful portraits - we even have some new stepladders, a lovely sound system and (gulp) white floors. The space (and the work we're producing there) really puts us on the map in the South West.

New work

We've consolidated and refined our fine art style over the past year, producing dreamy work with an editorial edge. The new studio means that we also have the space and lighting to produce photographic work with a more fashion-forward look: we're looking forward to working with more dancers, singers and performers this year to take advantage of this.

We're also doing more work with same-sex couples and looking to stepping this up in 2017: we had an incredible shoot with Tai & Matt recently and have another five same-sex shoots coming up in January & February.

Web design

We've worked with a number of clients this year, producing some gorgeous websites. We've teamed up with a Bath-based graphic design house to offer a cost-effective digital agency experience for people who need super-duper sites. Our sites are made using the Squarespace platform with custom CSS for results that are brag-worthy, enabling you to be showcased beautifully online.

A big thank you...

...to everyone who has worked with us this year. If you haven't, we'd absolutely love to see you in 2017!

David & Valerie @ English Photoworks xxx