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What can I expect at my child's fine art photography session? | Bath Children's Photographer

What can I expect at my child's fine art photography session?

The gorgeous images above are from a recent fine art photography session with 11-year-old Hermione. There were three different looks in her session and we worked together for two hours.

With fine art studio photography we are looking to create beautiful photographs that share something in common with paintings, as well as something which has a real, lasting quality. This kind of photography is almost always studio based, and we use lighting, backdrops and props to produce pieces which have a classic painterly quality.

So what is it like to come and work with us on a fine art session?

You can expect to spend 2-3 hours with us on the day, at our photography studio in Corsham - the sessions are usually a bit shorter for boys because they (usually) have straightforward hair! We work with an amazing hair stylist to help girls look the best they can - for a small charge (about £20) our stylist stays for the session.

Aside from the posing and lighting, the two most significant factors in creating stunning photographs are hair and wardrobe. Most children in our sessions have two or three different looks - this means that you have a larger variety of images to choose from when deciding which photographs to purchase. Ultimately the choice of what to wear is yours, but we are very happy to help you choose!

When the session is over, we will invite you back to see the edited and retouched images - the retouching process is the most time-consuming aspect of the experience (for us) but means that your images look their very best. We will again show you a range of options for your printed and framed photographs, which you can expect about 10 days afterwards. They will be beautifully presented, boxed and ready for you to hang at home. We can advise on which frames will look best in your home - the craftsmen we work with produce exceptional frames, guaranteed for a lifetime.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is seeing our photographs in situ - professional images of your children are pieces of artwork that matter!