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Getting Started with a DSLR - 11 Great Resources

Getting Started with your DSLR

If you are lucky enough to have moved onto a DSLR camera from your point and shoot, it can be a little scary at the beginning. Although DSLRs are more complex to operate, learning a few basic principles will get you moving in no time at all.

Here are some useful resources to help get you started with your 'big boy' camera!

1. 12 Tips for DSLR beginners. A general guide to get you going with your camera.

2. The rule of thirds. One of the most important 'rules' of photographic composition is dividing your image into 3s.

3. Using focal points in your photography. Your DSLR will allow you to choose where in the image you will focus - find out here.

4. Depth of field simplified. You've seen DSLR images where the background is blurred out? It looks beautiful and is achieved by managing your camera's depth of field.

5. Learning about the Exposure Triangle. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are the 3 factors that affect how you control exposure. They are explained here.

6. Getting started with Photoshop. Photoshop is the absolute king of photo editing.

7. Taking better people photos. Learn how to take better pictures of the people in your life!

8. Choosing a great lens. This will be the main factor in the technical quality of your DSLR images.

9. Bad habits for digital photographers. Avoid these :-)

10. 47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners. A great, all-purpose set of tips for when you're starting out, from the guys at Borrowed Lenses.

11. 50 Free resources to help you improve your photography skills.