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A lively family shoot at Singapore Botanic Gardens | Bath family photographer

Family Photo Shoot in Singapore

Toddlers have absolutely bags of energy. They have short attention spans. They do things on their own terms. Here is what an on-location photoshoot looks like with one very bright and delightful little girl - click the video to watch.

We shot this session at Singapore's Botanic Gardens on a day which was equal parts hot and humid - 35C and 85% humidity. So it felt like a sauna out there, chasing Chloe around the gardens! It was a short photography session but one which seemed to capture some of Chloe's infectious enthusiasm for life. The Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: an amazing, expansive space which (among other things) has Asia's most significant orchid collection.

Chloe's mum, Hilary, was my university tutorial partner - we were mostly taught in a class of two! It was fantastic to find that, years after we finished university and had gone our separate ways, we were both working a few miles apart in SE Asia and were able to reconnect. Dave, Hilary's husband, was the trusty video cameraman for this shoot and was coraller-in-chief for the star of the show!