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How it's done: a fine art photography workshop

Getting it done: how our signature images are created

One of the great pleasures in my job is teaching workshops: working with photographers of whatever level and experience to move their imagery to the next level. A big proportion of that is helping people who have treated themselves to a new DSLR but don't know what to do next, but I also work with professional photographers who are looking to specialise or learn a new skill.

The 'fine art' look in the studio

Although I do a range of photography, I am probably best known for the studio work that is all over this site. It has a different look and feel to other kinds of studio photography, and this is a result of the approach to lighting, colour theory and post-processing. I recently hosted a workshop for two professional photographers at our studio near Bath, and we were joined by the magnificent Artemis Fauna, who was our model for the day. The idea was that everyone would learn a new way of working and go home with a set of beautiful images.

We worked through four different looks with the lighting, set, wardrobe and makeup, ranging from girl-next-door to night-glamour-vamp!

Below you can see some behind-the-scenes shots from the session and a gallery of the finished images, which I shot and edited.

Here's how we did it...

...and the finished images!

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