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Newborn Photography with Joshua | Bath Baby Photographer

Newborn Photography in Bath

We had the pleasure of shooting a newborn session for this beautiful little boy - Joshua was only five days old when we made these portraits of him! This session was faster than normal for newborn photography - it only took us about 2 1/2 hours, because he slept almost all the way through. Some of our studio sessions can last much longer (over 4 hours sometimes) because we have to stop and start to work with the rhythms of the baby. For this reason, if we have a newborn shoot booked, we don't book any other sessions on that day and the studio is yours for the whole day if needed.

Photographing Newborns Safely

One of the most important aspects of newborn photography is to do it safely - there is an industry supplying equipment for just this job, and we have invested heavily, both in equipment and training. The main concern is making sure the baby is well supported at every stage. Most of the images we produce are shot on a huge, firm beanbag which can be moulded to fit your baby's body and which makes sure that baby is comfortable. Our studio, which has heated floors, is always very warm when we photograph newborns - many of the images are of baby with just a swaddling cloth, or no clothes at all, and so the studio is typically as warm as your grandma's house when we do these sessions!

We also do some pretty clever work in Photoshop to achieve some of our beautiful images safely - for example, in the image above, the baby was initially supported by two more hands (for safety) which were later removed in Photoshop.

Maternity Photography

We really do love working with newborn babies and their parents - especially if we have had the pleasure of photographing mum in the later stages of pregnancy! We photograph our newborns between the ages of 5-10 days, when they are still sleepy enough to make the sessions fairly practical. We hope you enjoy Joshua's gorgeous photographs!