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Behind the scenes at a family shoot in the park - Bath family photography

Here is a short behind the scenes video of an English Photoworks shoot. This session was shot in June 2015, in Malaysia.

Family Photo Shoot in Malaysia

Here is a 'behind the scenes' video of one of our recent natural light family photoshoots. This shoot was with a beautiful family from Knysna in South Africa, and was the last English Photoworks photography session we completed before we left Malaysia in June.

Penny and Rebecca, the mum and daughter, featured in the majority of the pictures, and husband & dad Kelvin mostly doubled as my assistant but featured in images at the end of the session! It was a 'golden hour' shoot, in the 60-90 minutes before sunset when there is gorgeous soft light and none of the harsh shadows that you find in pictures taken in the midday sun.

Penny and Rebecca were total naturals in front of the camera, really easy to direct and pose, and super-photogenic! They created a great sense of connection and communication in the pictures, making the session a real pleasure. You can see Kelvin holding a reflector in some of the video segments - this bounces light onto the face of the person being photographed.

We shot this session on location at Seri Alam park near Johor Bahru, the Malaysian city which borders Singapore.