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Wedding photography at the Roman Baths | Bath Wedding Photographer

Beautiful wedding photography in Bath

We had great fun shooting this recent wedding at the location which gives the city of Bath its name. Michelle and Matthew asked us to photograph their wedding in a reportage, or photojournalistic. style. Essentially this means capturing the many 'moments' of their day and avoiding too many 'set piece' images. Wedding was in the evening, and the sheer drama of the Roman Baths meant that we had the perfect backdrop for the photographs.

Although the vast majority of the images were photojournalistic, we took advantage of the location to produce a few formal pictures of the bride and groom. Enjoy the images below!

Editing a wedding is a big job: if you're interested in finding out how to do this efficiently, have a look at this great article, written by the people at ShootDotEdit.

If you'd like us to photograph your wedding day in 2018, please get in touch!