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Maternity photography with Claire | Newborn photographer in Bath

We recently finished up this maternity shoot with Claire. Maternity studio photography is an area we're looking to specialise in this year at the Corsham studio, so we're booking sessions with expectant mums, then photographing their babies a few weeks later. We have been photographing mums-to-be at around 36 weeks into their pregnancy - the bump is fabulously impressive but most ladies still feel OK to move around!

Claire's session was exciting for us because had taken her preparation for the session very seriously! She researched outfits meticulously and we able to do the shoot with about five different looks. For the photographer, this is fantastic because we can produce a range of images with real breadth and variety. The icing on the cake was some fantastic hair styling!

Claire's pictures ranged from some dreamy pastel images that looked great with her lace maternity wardrobe pieces, to more creative and painterly photographs using chiffon and silk.

To get the 'painterly' quality that some of the photographs have, we lit the images very carefully - in this case we were using a strobe light with a huge octabox modifier and two reflectors. This kind of setup mimics window light streaming into a darkened room, and the aim is to produce work that has lighting in common with European old master paintings, especially Rembrandt. We also worked on posing Claire so the images had a more 'classical' look - in some of the pictures she is addressing the camera, and other times she's looking away.

The retouching on the whole set is almost complete, and we can't wait to show Claire and her husband the finished pictures!

Studio photography that celebrates expectant mums is a big industry in America - we are bringing a little bit of this exciting look to our photography studio in Wiltshire!