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Photography courses in Bath and the South West.

Fun photography courses for beginners to advanced. Based in Bath and the South West.

We can help you improve your photography!

As well as our photographic services, we also have a sister project, Bath Photography Courses, where we help people like you to get better at photography.

A great range of courses

Our photography courses are designed to be both fun and rewarding, and are suitable for people of all ages (children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult). You can choose from a range of varied and enjoyable photography courses, such as days for beginner's or intermediate digital photography: if you've just treated yourself to a new DSLR, it's a great way to get up and running with your camera and work with like-minded people. You can also take courses in other aspects of photography, such as portrait photography, studio lighting and night photography. If you like working alone or with just one other person, we also offer bespoke solo courses in almost any aspect of photography or editing.

Small groups and excellent resources

Best of all, our courses are for small groups: there will never be any more than six students in your group, and sometimes fewer. We want you to have as much individual attention as possible and come away with some great new skills. The courses have a range of in-group learning methods and practical application, and you'll come away with some great resource material so you don't forget everything you've learned.

Beautiful surroundings

Our courses run in and around Bath. The class parts are taught at our studio in Corsham, and we use the beautiful surrounding area to practise working. Some of your course will be in the countryside, some in town and some in the studio. We provide plenty of tasty refreshments throughout the day.

What are you waiting for?

We'd love to see you on one of our courses soon! Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more, and we look forward to helping you progress on your own photography journey.


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