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What to wear.

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What to wear at your photography session

Choosing what to wear for your session can be a time-consuming exercise! Ultimately, the choice for what to wear is yours: below are some tips to help you look your best. Perhaps the most important thing is choose clothes that you are comfortable in: if your clothes are uncomfortable it will be difficult to look relaxed and natural in your photographs. Please take the guidelines below as just that: a guide. You can also get some inspiration by looking at our Pinterest boards. We will photograph you in whatever clothes you wish but if you need some advice, read on.

Choose colours which are coordinating, not matching.

Photographs where everyone is wearing white, or another matching colour, can look very dated. Instead, you could opt to choose one or two colours, and pick clothes that fit with this colour scheme.

Try coordinating with your home decor.

This is really important, as your photographs will reside on the walls of your home. 

Avoid bold patterns.

If everyone in the photograph is wearing patterns, it can distract from the people in the image. This isn't to say that everyone has to wear block colours - just be judicious!

Consider classic, timeless designs.

You want your photographs to hang on your walls for many years. It makes sense to wear clothes to help your images stand the test of time.

Think about the background.

Depending on where your photographs will be taken, colour schemes can be planned. If we are creating studio photographs, backdrops can be chosen in advance: similarly, if we will be working in the countryside then we'll choose colours that will complement a green/brown background.

Use accessories to bring personality to the session.

Scarves, necklaces, maybe a hat. You can use your imagination to bring a personal piece which adds something 'of you' to the photographs.

Choose clothes which are flattering.

Hopefully this should be intuitive - if you know you have clothes which accentuate or hide parts of you in a flattering way, this can only make for photographs which you will love.

Consider layering your clothing or adding texture.

Layering can bring real visual appeal and interest to your photographs, especially for men. Interesting and contrasting textures also add to your images, especially in colder weather on-location sessions.


This is immensely important, particularly for women. Good hair looks amazing in professional photographs and we can advise on or arrange professional hair/makeup for your photo session should you need us to.


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